Tonga Guide

Though there many not be a great many things to see & do in Tonga, what is available is enchanting. Check out our Tonga Destination Guide below for some information on Tonga’s tourist attractions. Booking onto a day tour in Tonga is a great way to see the sights quickly leaving more time to relax on the pristine beaches of your Tonga resort, or wade in the surrounding warm waters. For helpful tips to use while planning your Tonga holiday check out our Tonga Country Guide.

Things to see & do in Tonga

Scroll further down the page for details on some of the interesting tourist attractions in Tonga.

Art Galleries & Museums

Tonga National Cultural Center

….your one stop tour of the Kingdom !

Daily – Cultural Demonstrations

Mon – Fri 2.00pm -4.00pm

Group Tour 10 above: $25 per person

Less than 10: $35.00 per person


  • Mat Weaving
  • Tapa Making
  • Coconut Demonstrations
  • Dancing
  • ‘Umu
  • Light Fruit Lunch

Tongan Museum

Check out our lovely Museum where you will be able to view our history from long time ago. You will also take time to explore our Kings and some of the memories from their time.


ANZ Bank
Telephone: + (676) 20500
Opening Hrs: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm Sat:8:30am-11:30am

Telephone: +(676) 23933
Opening Hrs: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm Sat: 8:30am-12:00pm

Telephone: +(676) 23333
Banking Hrs: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm Sat: Closed

MBf Bank
Telephone: +(676) 24600
Banking Hrs: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm Sat: Closed
Note: airport branch opens for every flight.

Bars & Night Clubs

Location: Maufanga
Telephone: +(676) 24084

Location: Nuku’alofa
Telephone: +(676) 22383

Location: Nukualofa

Telephone: +(676) 24244

Location: Kanokupolu
Telephone: +(676) 41233

Location: Kanokupolu (Liku’alofa Beach Resort)
Telephone: +(676) 41967

Bird Watching

Tonga’s northern island Niuafo’ou has some of the best bird watching options. It is very remote and till very recent times, was accessible by boat only. The rare Polynesian Megapode can be seen in its natural habitat here. The island of Vava’u is much easier to visit. The northern part of Vava’u has native forests that are home to the Tongan Whistler, another bird indigenous to Tonga. The small islands of Maninita and Taula are close by and they have nesting sites for many seabirds, and breeding areas for land birds.


There are no public buses, all are privately owned either by club group or by family. There is no scheduled for the buses running hour, but buses start early in the morning about 7am until 5pm in the afternoon. If you are traveling out of town make sure you are by the road at about 3pm in time to catch a bus back into town. There are two central bus stations along Vuna road in Nuku’alofa. Opposite the Ministry of Education building is the Bus station that takes you to the far eastern and western district. Just further down Vuna road, opposite the Tonga Visitors Bureau office, is the Central Bus Station that takes you as far as the Hospital and around the town area.

Nuku’alofa – Eastern Side

‘Atele ——————- $0.90
Veitongo —————– $1.00
Vaini ——————– $1.20
Malapo —————— $1.30
Tatakamotonga —— $1.60
Lapaha —————— $1.90
Talafo’ou ————— $2.50
Niutoua —————– $2.90
Pelehake ————— $1.50
Fua’amotu ————- $1.90

Nuku’alofa – Southern & Western Side

Fatai ——————— $0.95
Nukunuku ————– $1.20
Te’ekiu —————— $1.30
Houma —————— $1.40
Kolovai —————— $1.60
Ha’atafu —————– $2.50

Currency Exchange

All of our banks exchanges foreign currency including Western Union with Global Exchange but MBF Bank has the best currency exchange rate in Tonga.


-Western Union + (676) 24345

-Money Gram + (676) 27847


  • Jones Travel Ltd +(676) 26110
  • MBF Bank +(676) 24600
  • Western Union +(676) 24345

Day Trips to Offshore Island Resort

There are daily excursions to the offshore islands, where you can relax on the island’s beautiful beaches, join in the daily activities, and return later in the afternoon. The islands are very close – it is only a 15 minute trip to Pangaimotu (the nearest), and less than an hour to Royal Sunset (the farthest) and Fafa Island behind Pangaimotu Island. There are bars and restaurants available to assist customers needs in all of these 3 Islands.

Contact by Phone (676) or email the Offshore Island Resorts

Pangaimotu Island Resort
Phone (676): 15762

Fafa Island Resort
Phone (676): 22800

Royal Sunset Island Resort
Phone (676): 21254

Diving Charter

Tongatapu: Around the offshore islands, Tongatapu has everything a driver could wish for, with wrecks, corals, walls, chasms and caves to explore. Most operators can take you snorkeling and there are charters available for sport fishing, with catches including yellow fin tuna, mahi and marlin.

Deep Blue Tonga
Phone(676): 23379

Royal Sunset Fishing& Diving Tours
Phone(676): 21254

Vava’u: has a wide variety of diving catering for all levels and abilities. The water is some of the clearest in the world; and is well known for its amazing caves.

Operator—————————-Phone (676)—————Email

Beluga Diving————————-70327 ——————

Dolphin Pacific Diving————–70292 —————–

Dive Vava’u—————————-70492 —————–

Hilltop Hotel————————70209 —————–

Ferry Services

There are two ferries (MV ‘Otumotuanga’ofa and MV Pulupaki) that service between Tongatapu and the outer island groups departing every Thursday afternoon. Both ferries’ schedules sometimes vary so check with the Shipping Corporation of Polynesia, Uata Shipping or Tonga Visitor Bureau for the latest schedules on arrival. If you plan to travel straight out to the northern islands, email or phone to check departure times prior to your arrival:

MV Pulupaki, phone (676) 23855

MV ‘Otuanga’ofa, phone (676) 23853


You can tee off at the nine-hole Tonga Golf Club at ‘Atele along the Taufa’ahau Road, opposite the ‘Atele Indoor Stadium. Green fees $15. Visitors are welcome to join and clubs can be hired.

Health Services

Hospitals a valid yellow fever certificate and a valid cholera certificate are required by all Travelers over one year old who have been in an infected area prior to arrival in Tonga.

Vaiola Hospital
Location: Tofoa
Phone(676): 23200

Niu’eiki Hospital
Location: Angaha
Phone(676): 50111

Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital 
Location: Neiafu
Phone(676): 70200

Niu’ui Hospital
Location: Hihifo
Phone(676): 60203


Village Pharmacy

Ph#: (+676) 27522

Beauticious…indulgence meets necessity. Penny Fox, a qualified beautician offers variety of treatments. From facial treatments, luxury manicures & pedicure to waxing, for both men and women.

Location: Kolofoou, Tongatapu

Opening Hours:

  • Weekdays: [9:00am – 5:00pm]
  • Friday: [9:00am – 8:00pm]
  • Saturday: [9:00am – 3:00pm]


The Tongan islands do not have mountain ranges so hiking trails are few in number. However, there are plenty of enjoyable walking routes along the oceanfront in Vava’u and Ha’apai. Vava’u has a few difficult hills to climb and for the real hiking enthusiasts, ‘Eua has several challenging trails into the tropical rain forest and along the cliffs.

Horse Riding

All the island groups still use horses as a mode of transport. Horses can be hired through hotels and tour operators. As saddles are not easily found, the activity is best for experienced riders only!

Internet Cafe

Tongatapu [Mainland]                                      Location                              Phone [676]

Friends Café                                                       Taufa’ahau Road                22390

Escape Cafe                                                         Hearts of Nukual’ofa         21212

Tau’olunga Computer                                        Fasi                                      24828

Dataline                                                                Taufa’ahau Road               27773

Infotech                                                                Fanga                                  27339

Island Technology                                              Kolofo’ou                             24875

Tonga Communication Corporation               Nuku’alofa                          20000


Vava’u                                                                   Location                             Phone [676]

Lighthouse                                                           Neiafu                                 71395

Cafe Tropicana                                                    Neiafu                                 71322


Ha’apai                                                                  Location                             Phone [676]

Mariner Cafe                                                        Pangi                                  60374

Jogging & Aerobics

You can go jogging at the waterfront along Vuna Road, or use the track at Teufaiva Outdoor Stadium. Aerobics classes with the Ma’alahi programme are held daily at Teufaiva Gymnasium and at the waterfront, opposite Air New Zealand Office.

Old Tonga Cultural Village

Located just at the outskirts of Nuku’alofa at the village of Popua about 4 km away from town. The Old Tonga Village resembles a traditional village setting with traditional fales and archtechture overlooking the lagoon. Tours can be arranged on a daily basis except on Sunday. Also caters for special functions etc, offering great accommodation as well.


The Post Office is located on Taufa’ahau Road in Nuku’alofa.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am-4pm


This devoutly Christian nation honours Sundays across every island group the Sabbath is declared sacred in the Tongan Constitution. Virtually every denomination is
represented in Tonga with each church taking an interest in the development of the country.

Rental Hire

You must obtain a local driver’s license before you are able to rent a car/van. There are plenty of car rental companies located in Nuku’alofa.

Company                    Phone (676)                      Email

Avis Rentals               21179             

Fab Rentals                23077            

Jones Rentals            29917             

New Millennium       30344            

Pasifika Rentals        27718             

Sunshine Rentals      23848            

Sailing Charter

Fafa Island Resort’s Sea Star Sailing Charter lets visitors discover the magic beauty of Tonga Islands aboad its 54ft bluewater ketch. Phone 676 22800, email holiday or


Supermarkets are open from 8am-5pm, Monday to Thursday to Saturday and late night on Friday.

Supermarket                                        Location

Alatini’s                             Taufaahau Road,Opposite Rainbow Bakery.

Molisi Supermarket       Tupoulahi Road, Opposite Noah Contrustion.

Si’i Kae Ola                       Taufaahau Road, Next to Seven Day Adventish Chr.

First Choice                      Salote Road, Next to EM Jones Gas Station.

Talamahu Market

Next door to the Central Police Station, Tonga’s colorful fruit and various fresh vegetable, market is open every day except Sunday, and it is a great place to soak up the atmosphere and meet the local people. You will find fresh local produce to sample including seasonal tropical fruits such as papaya and mango, along with staple root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, taro, yams and plantains. Handicrafts can be found on the far side of the market. Upstairs, on the first floor, there are more arts and crafts, including carvings and jewellery. The market opens from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday and from 7am-4pm Saturday.


Public tennis courts are located at ‘Atele Stadium, phone (676) 29199 for enquiries and booking.

Tongan Feast & Traditional Dance

Liku’alofa Beach, phone 41967: Buffet and show Wednesday and Friday at Kanokupolu, 21km from town. ‘Umu/barbecue on Sunday. $40/person.

‘Oholei Beach, phone 11783/78713: Buffet and show every Wednesday, Friday evening by the beach at Kanokupolu on the Western on the western side, $40/person.

Vakaloa, phone 41233/41234: Buffet and show every Friday evening by the beach at Kanokupolu on the western side, $40/person.

Tu'imatamoana Fish Market

Located just along the waterfront and just before the main wharf. View selections of local seashells and other kind of seafoods from the local seas of Tonga. Best time is early morning in the weekends or afternoon during week days.

Unguided Walks

Independent walker will find some interesting sights in southern ‘Eua, including the rockgarden cliffs, Liangahu’o ‘a Maui (a spectacular natural archway) and wild horses, while Ha’aluma Beach on the southern coast is great for a cooling swim.

Water Sports

Scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts love the variety and beauty of the Tongan coral reefs. All necessary equipment can be hired.

The best dive sites in Tonga are in the Ha’apai group and around the small islands off Tongatapu. Vava’u has some exciting cave diving sites. Swimming options are everywhere, as are the lovely sandy beaches.

‘Eua, located 11 km (7 miles) from Tongatapu, has a surfing beach of world class standard. Tonga surfing spots are the Ha’apai islands, the Vava’u islands, and Niutoua Beach on the main island.

The waters of Tonga offer excellent fishing opportunities. Plenty of game fish such as tuna, sailfish, marlin, and barracuda are available. There are ample charter boats.

The Vava’u group of islands offer the best sailing in the South Pacific. The deep waterways, and the harbour at Neiafu with its perfect anchorage and several charter yachts, draw many sailing lovers. It is the island of choice for many international yacht charter companies. The northern group of the Vava’u islands is especially popular. They are not difficult to navigate and are sprinkled with endless anchorages in picture perfect bays and isolated beaches.

Kayaking is popular in two regions of Tonga. The innumerable islands of the Vava’u group have wonderful exploring opportunities and are blessed with calm waters too. Visitors to the Ha’apai group love to hop around the islands, visiting isolated beaches here and there.

Whale Watching

From June to November, humpback whales throng the waters of Tonga to mate and calf. Special speakers for whale watching in Tonga are fitted in to a hydrophone that is aboard the catamaran, Pheonix, based at Neiafu. The female whales do not sing.