Tonga Holiday


Tonga Holidays are a perfect time to book your vacation as you are able to experience one of the most joyous and sensational times of the year for Tongans.  Most of the Tonga holidays reside in the winter time starting on November 4th which celebrates Tonga National Day and ends with January 1st, New Year’s Day.  Other major holidays throughout the year are Good Friday and Easter Sunday. For a pleasantly warm holiday and a simple stay, Tonga is the desirable getaway vacation from the office or gloomy weather. It is perfect for anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere as their summer is wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tonga National Day held on November 4th is meant to celebrate the day when the constitution was adopted into the Tongan government. Did you know that Tonga has one of the oldest constitutions in the world? Luckily, Tonga is the only South Pacific nation that has never been colonized by foreign powers. It is a significant Tonga holiday where speeches are held, marches are organized and various music and dance performances are displayed all over the island. The Green Lodge is the perfect accommodation to book your holiday vacation where there are a total of 4 holiday homes to choose from with 3-4 bedrooms inside each spacious home. It has all the amenities of a comfortable living arrangement and is conveniently located 5 minutes away from the center of Nuku’alofa.  It is also said to be near the Tonga National Culture Center, museum and flea market. Vacationers can even request a Tongan Luau that the homeowners would be more than happy to provide if they would like to continue the celebration in the comfort of their holiday home.

Christmas and New Year’s Day are often very big celebrated Tonga holidays as the streets are adorned with colorful decorations and lights. All religious faith in Tonga come together and celebrate Christmas by going to churches, family gatherings, and festivals. Usually everything is closed from Christmas to New Year’s so that families have quality time to celebrate with one another. Singing is a huge part of the holiday celebration and Tongans are often seen celebrating by singing from day to night. Villages would hold singing competitions against one another and exchange food dishes to commemorate a unified community. A highlight that is often described by visitors is the Tutukupakanava. During the ceremony, coconut husks are arranged neatly on the shores of beaches and lit on fire; it is often described as the Tongan version of bright Christmas lights.

Tonga Holiday AccommodationA big festival during the celebration of the holidays is the Tourism Cultural Festival usually around the beginning of December. It is a massive event where there are many dance performances, music, and booths selling handcrafted items. Also in the winter time, large humpback whales are seen frolicking in the warm Tongan waters as they return from a long migration. This is a wonderful sight to see while on your Tonga Holiday trip. Book one of these tours for your chance to explore the beautiful islands of Tonga and to be immersed in the enriching culture of the Tongan people.

Simply put. Tonga is the ideal vacation spot if you are looking for a relaxing, yet engaging holiday that has all the features for a leisurely experience as well as an awe-inspiring adventure. Known worldwide for its unique culture and scenic landscape, Tonga is especially wonderful during the holidays when its welcoming people celebrate with such contagious fervor that no visitor can leave without having a wonderful experience.